Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stirring The Caldron Of Radical Feminism

by By Rebecca Hagelin - August 31, 2006 -
It was parents’ orientation at my son’s new college when the young female co-ed introduced her academic pursuit as “Women’s Studies.” My son and I sat stone-faced, desperately trying to hold back the smirks we knew would reveal our thoughts about the absurdity of such an “intellectual, academic” pursuit.

“Where are the degrees in ‘Men’s Studies’?” I wanted to ask. Of course, there aren’t any. Only the pro-lesbian, ego-centric, sexually perverse “Women’s Studies” majors and minors are considered politically correct. The clear bigotry and plain ridiculousness of such classes, and the messages they send our college men and women, seemed lost on the poor young girl. The reality is that she and thousands of co-eds across the country are being steeped in nothing more than the bitter propaganda, indoctrination and hypocrisy that fill the caldron of radical feminism.

Yesterday I posted an article on the Bertie County Patriot that was about an education study and it was relatively non-political. However it is part and parcel of this same issue. You can see that article about the reality that girls learn better from women teachers and boys learn better from men teachers here:

Both that study and this article are talking about the consequences of feminism. Growing hostitility to boys and motherhood is having two similar consequences for our society. America is not repopulating itself and our society is losing the value of some of our brightest and best men. The consequences for these trends are already starting to be felt.

If you really want to see the consequence of the first, look at Europe. Europe is dying, as the people and culture of every single country turn over their nation to foreigners who have not stopped breeding. If you like your own culture and feel a desire to have children to enjoy it, you get one type of county. If you hate your culture and don't breed, your culture disappears. If we continue down this path the current problems of Europe will be ours in another generation.

The second issue is almost as culturally disastrous. If boys continue to drop out of school and society, as they are currently starting to do in large numbers, our culture will just as certainly disappear. Boys who drop out are bitter and unhealthy individuals and do not make either good life partners or contribute effectively to society economically. This will change America with just as much certainty as failing to maintain our population, and in about the same way.

Is this really what women want?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Texas Governor Endorses
Senator Fred Smith

Saturday night the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, came to North Carolina to endorse Senator Fred Smith for re-election. Senator Fred Smith is running for re-election as State Senator from the 12th District, which represents portions of Johnston and Wayne Counties.

Drinks, Food And Conversation Were The First Things On The Evenings Agenda

The reception which featured Governor Perry was held in Fred and Ginny Smith's home at the Riverwood Golf Club overlooking the Neuse River. People gathered and dined as we waited for the arrival of Governor Perry, the keynote speaker for the event.

No Name Tags But Plates Of Food - Think They Crashed The Party?

When the Governor arrived, Senator Smith met him and took him around to introduce him to some of the honored guests and dignataries.

First Pass Was Quick Introductions

Senator Fred Smith, Governor Rick Perry And Senator Harris Blake

Senator Fred Smith, Governor Rick Perry And Bill Boyd

Senator Fred Smith, Senate Candidate Ron Toppin And Governor Rick Perry

After a while it was announced that the formal event was about to get started and the crowd was asked to gather in the family room.

Enthusiastic "Friends Of Fred Smith"

Senator Fred Smith prepared the crowd by taking the opportunity to introduce some of the other dignataries who were present.

A Few Words From Former U.S. Senator Lauch Faircloth

Fred spoke of his campaign, and shared some of the key points of things he wants to do for North Carolina. It was a short version of his standard goals for North Carolina as he recognized that everyone there had probably already heard it. These were after all the "Friends of Fred Smith" and they were already on board, so Fred moved to the key event of this night, Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Jennifer Crisson Listens Intently

Senator Fred Smith is a great host and made it his personal duty to introduce Governor Perry, telling the crowd how he met Governor Perry, how they hit it off, and some of the impressive accomplishments of the Governor.

Senator Fred Smith And His Wife Ginny

Governor Rick Perry Of Texas

Rick Perry is an impressive man. His sense of authority reminds people of other famous westerners like John Wayne and Barry Goldwater. He is interesting, articulate and confident, and his speech reflected all those things. The points that he made focused on Border Security, Education, Job Growth and Tort Reform.

He said on Border Security, “There can be no Homeland Security without border security. If the Federal Government won’t act to protect the Texas border, I will.” He means it too.

He also means to improve education for the children of Texas, and though they are spending more money, Rick feels “The path to opportunity begins in the classroom. To get results, we not only need more money for education – we need more education for our money.”

Like all Republicans who recognize the power of the free enterprise system, Rick says “Having a job means security for a family, hope for their children’s future and a chance at the American dream.” He thus is working to reduce taxes and regulation and focused on bringing business to Texas. He made a great point that though Texas competes with North Carolina, that we both should embrace that competition as that makes both of us stronger.

Texas has also been the leader in Tort Reform, changing the rules so that companies cannot be sued for outrageous sums for minor, or sometimes no, transgression.

It was a powerful speech, and afterwards, as usual, everyone circulated until the evening started to wear down. It is easy to tell when that point is reached as that is when people started looking for places to sit!

Paige Forrester Takes A Break

It was a really great event and everyone seemed quite pleased as the evening wound down. Even the campaign volunteers stuck around until the very end, even after their jobs were done. A special thank you to Fred and Ginny, as well as Governor Perry, for having this great evening!

Crista Good - Hanging In

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fred Smith Summer Celebration

The 4th Annual Senator Fred Smith - Summer Celebration was held Saturday at the Riverwood Golf Club — a beautiful 27-hole championship course located just outside Clayton, North Carolina. Fred Smith is the man that many people are hoping will be the Republican nominee for Governor of North Carolin at some point. Right now he is one of the most respected State Senators in North Carolina.

Parking Volunteers Met Everyone As They Arrived

A sign of how well liked and respected Fred is shows from the tremendous success of his annual Summer Celebration event. This year it attracted a packed field of 150 golfers who contributed significant money to be a part of his event. It is of course a fund raiser for Senator Smith's re-election campaign, and as usual, Fred does things right.

Players Were Directed To The Clubhouse

Fred has been a success at everything that he has ever tried. A succesful Army officer, lawyer, farmer and real estate developer. He is also very frugal as indicated by the fact that this great golf course, Riverwood, is in fact his former farm! It is a beautiful piece of land and the magnificent clubhouse for the golf course was, before conversion, Fred and Ginny's farm house. Nothing like using everything effectively. That unique situation, plus the fact that Fred own's the golf course, makes this unlike any other Senator's golf event.

Everyone Was Helped To Unload Clubs And Put In Their Carts

The Golf Event was the start of a very busy day, but it was the heart of the fund raiser, and it got all of Fred's attention from the minute it started.

Next Stop Reception, To Check In And Get Oriented

A success since it started, it also has grown every year, to a great extent due to Senator Smith's attention to detail and the enthusiasm of staff and volunteers.

Dodie And Blair Were Busy Helping People Find Their Way

Not only has it grown, It also seems to get better every year. The staff and the volunteers who put the event on clearly take great pride in making sure that everyone has a good time.

Volunteers And Staff Are Critical To Politics - Thanks For A Great Job Everyone!

The way the event is organized, the players on each team get to meet Fred, since at one hole on the course he is an extra player for the team. Fred circulates taking the time to be with all the teams for a short period. Fred shoots one shot for the team, and they get to choose which shot it will be.

Some Of The Volunteers Helped Prepare The Food

This might not be as big a deal if Fred were not a very talented golfer.

Fred Spent Time With The Attendees, Catching Up On The Latest News

As The Crowd Finishes Eating, It Is Time To Get Ready For The Tournament

Fred Took A Tour Of The Putting Green And Driving Range To Greet Tournament Players

This Year's Crowd Was Huge, The Largest Yet, With 150 Golfers

Fred Kicks Off The Event With A Formal Welcome And Thank You For The Attendees

Rules Of The Event Are Explained

With Everyone In Their Carts, Final Instructions Are Provided

Everyone Charges Off For The Shotgun Start

Fred Helps Every Team, Here Waiting Beside The Neuse River Which Borders The Course To Use His Driver For One Team

Fred Smith Drives Were Straight And Long, Usually Over 250 Yards

Every Team Gets Their Picture Taken With Fred!

The entire day was great fun. If you are interested in the teams, they are posted on the Summer Celebration event blog at

After the golf tournament, everyone got ready for the reception at Fred and Ginny's new house beside the golf course. Fred had invited Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, and you can read all about that Great American in the other article we posted yesterday and the article we will be posting tomorrow.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Press Conference For NC Bloggers!

As a part of his annual Summer Celebration, Senator Fred Smith held a North Carolina Bloggers Press Conference so that he and Texas Governor Rick Perry could talk with this new form of media and answer our questions.

The Press Conference started in Fred's office in the Clubhouse of the Riverwood Golf Club, after the conclusion of the golf tournament that was the focal point of most of today's festivities. I had watched Fred as he worked hard all day to see that the participants in the golf tournament had a good time. Fred never stopped talking with people or working. Even during breaks, Fred used those opportunities to have short meetings to work on problems and keep things organized. When he started to make the rounds to hit some shots for the various teams, he warmed up for it like a professional golfer, very seriously. He clearly wanted to do well for the teams. His constant attention to detail and his energy was impressive. He was still exhibiting high energy when the press conference started.

Nathan Tabor Of The Conservative Voice And Senator Fred Smith

The people invited to the event included:
Nathan Tabor of the Conservative Voice
Jason Moir of NC Rumors
Lorie Byrd of Wiz Bang Blog

plus a weekly column on

. . . and me.

Thai Gay, Lorie Byrd of Wiz Bang Blog, and Jason Moir of NC Rumors

Because Governor Perry was running late, the press conference started with Fred Smith as the only person on the hot seat.

The first question asked was "How did you meet Governor Perry?" Fred said that he had met Governor Perry at a CPAC meeting in Washington DC. CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Committee. They had hit it off since they both had backgrounds in farming and rural areas, had served in the military. Perry was commissioner of agriculture for two terms and Fred has been a successful farmer in Clayton. Fred said they simply had a lot in common.

From Left, Jason Moir, Dean Stephens, Nathan Tapor, Fred Smith, Green Sweater From Rear Is Lorie Byrd And Thai Gay From Rear

The next question asked was rather open ended, "What do you think are North Carolina's two most important issues?" Fred broke it down into two areas of issues, rather than just focusing on two issues. The two areas were economic concerns and family concerns. He spoke for quite a while on both areas.

The next question was "What are your overall goals for North Carolina?" Fred listed six.
1. Improving the environment for job creation.
2. Improving education.
3. Affordable health care.
4. Protect private property.
5. Get Medicaid off the backs of counties.
6. Within the constraints that the federal government must take the lead, defend our borders.

There was a lively interaction on these issues, until the discussion had to be curtailed so that we could relocate to the reception due to time. The rest of the press conference was to start when Governor Perry arrived. The second part of the event was held on the Senator's back porch looking down at the Neuse River.

Texas Governor Rick Perry's Cavalcade Arrives

The first sight of Governor Perry was when we spotted his cavalcade of cars approaching Senator Smith's driveway.

Senator Fred Smith Greets Governor Rick Perry

After the Governor met privately with Senator Smith, they both joined the press conference.

Texas Governor Rick Perry and NC Senator Fred Smith View The Neuse River Behind Fred's House

Senator Smith introduced Governor Perry and after some brief comments, he took questions. The first question was what did North Carolina and Texas have in common that they could work on together. What struck me almost immediately was how open and frank Governor Rick Perry is. He has the same straight forward style as famous Westerners John Wayne and Barry Goldwater.

Governor Perry Meets NC Bloggers

He spoke about the need to create an economic environment that allows for the creation of jobs and the creation of wealth. He talked about some of his own successes, including a most important success, court reform. Many of our nation's most serious problems are created by an out of control court system which holds business financially accountable for results which the business cannot control.

NC Senator Fred Smith And Texas Governor Rick Perry - On Back Porch - Answering Questions

He spoke passionately about the need to cut taxes and resist the desire for constantly escalating government spending.

Within his comments about economic growth, he also talked about interstate competition. He mentioned sports competition, but he also talked about how we competed for companies and jobs. However his take on it was that competition was good, as it would make both states better. Competition is in fact what made America the richest nation on earth. When companies compete they get better. When government stops competition, business gets lazy and our nation suffers.

Senator Fred Smith, Governor Rick Perry, Dean Stephens, Nathan Tapor, Jason Moir, From Back, Cameraman In Striped Shirt, Frank Williams (Only Fred, Jason And I Got The Joke!)

After the press conference I got to spend a lot of time with the Senator and Governor as I was the official photographer for the reception being held. Please check out the article about the reception, and Governor Perry's moving speech to the assembled guests, posted on this blog tomorrow!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Generational Battle Gets Fierce

by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. - August 24, 2006 - New York Sun

At Mr. Clinton's birthday celebration in New York on October 29 I wonder if Catherine Mayo will put in an appearance. She might well be the Cindy Sheehan of the moment. At her recent court appearance in Boston she proudly wore a Rolling Stones T-shirt, and she is definitely on the Clintons' side in the present 1960s intergenerational rivalry. Ms. Mayo, 59, is the lady whose disruptive behavior on a transatlantic flight to Washington, D.C. caused the plane to land in Boston. She opposes the Bush Administration. On the airplane she spoke mysteriously of some sort of relationship with Al Qaeda and at one point lowered her pants and urinated in the aisle — a peace demonstration that I think all will agree clearly got out of hand. In 2003, while writing for a Pakistani newspaper, the Daily Times of Pakistan, Ms. Mayo declared, "I am an American child of the 1960s. We defied the standards of our parents and declared that a war was unjust. All conflicts can be settled by peaceful means." Two days later America invaded Iraq. Now she is really mad.

This is a really funny article. I don't usually post the "inside politics" type articles but the popularity of Bill Clinton is still something that I just don't get. Want the names of a few other democrats I just don't get. How about, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Catherine Mayo, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson, Jim Black, Frank Ballance.

However if you really want to talk about someone who should be the face of the democratic party I propose Mel Reynolds. A recent article on noted

Jessie Jackson has added former Chicago democratic congressman Mel Reynolds to the Rainbow / PUSH Coalition's payroll.

Reynolds was among the 176 criminals excused in President Clinton's last-minute forgiveness spree. Reynolds received a commutation of his six-and- a-half-year federal sentence for 15 convictions of wire fraud, bank fraud & lies to the Federal Election Commission. He is more notorious however, for concurrently serving five years for sleeping with an underage campaign volunteer.

This is a first in American politics:
An ex-congressman (a democrat) who had sex with an underaged subordinate;
won clemency from a president (a democrat) who had sex with a subordinate;
then was hired by a clergyman (a democrat) who had sex with a subordinate.

His new job? Youth counselor. Is this a great country or what?

Please note. Mel Reynolds is still a revered leader of the democratic party, just like Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Point Of No Return

by Thomas Sowell - August 22, 2006 -

Thomas Sowell

It is hard to think of a time when a nation -- and a whole civilization -- has drifted more futilely toward a bigger catastrophe than that looming over the United States and western civilization today.

Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran and North Korea mean that it is only a matter of time before there are nuclear weapons in the hands of international terrorist organizations. North Korea needs money and
Iran has brazenly stated its aim as the destruction of Israel -- and both its actions and its rhetoric suggest aims that extend even beyond a second Holocaust.

Send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

Thomas Sowell is someone that everyone should know. He is probably America's best writer. He is also one of the most practical common sense individuals who has ever lived. He has long written with clarity about the problems of our nation. However he seems to be more concerned than I have ever found him before about the issue of nuclear bombs in the hands of islamofascists.

It is concern from genuises like Sowell that are fueling my own rising concern. The anti-war and appeasement forces are driven by their great pride of forcing America out of Vietnam. It was the victory of their youth, and they are passionate in their desire to see us out of Iraq. As in Vietnam they can see only their own righteousness and not the consequences of their actions. However the consequences of Vietnam were mostly felt by people in Vietnam. They were the ones who were killed and imprisoned after the war was over. The appeasers ignored the bloodbath then and even denied that it was going on. Many of them still deny that the bloodbath happened.

In this war in Iraq our enemies are real. The consequences are real. Listen to Sowell. Read this article and tell your friends. Appeasing these fanatics will be a disaster. However Iraq is not Vietnam in one serious way. Losing this war will not have consequences for people far away. The disaster will happen to us.

As Thomas Sowell says in this article, "After we, or our children and grandchildren, find ourselves living at the mercy of people with no mercy, what will future generations think of us, that we let this happen because we wanted to placate "world opinion" by not acting 'unilaterally'? We are fast approaching the point of no return."

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Picture Of Islam

I received an email yesterday and it reminded me of the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. America today is divided into two camps. Those who think we can "negotiate" with the islamofascists (the people George W. Bush has always referred to as "terrorists" so he does not have to use the term islamofascist) and those who do not think that "negotiation" is possible with them. These pictures may help you decide which camp you are in.

This Is Their Solution For Anyone Who Will Not Bow Down To Islam

They Really, Really, Really Do Believe The Caliphate Will Rule The World, Don't Doubt It

They Aren't Impressed With Freedom, For You Or Themselves

Is This A Promise Or A Threat?

Send me an email and let me know if this changed your mind.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Republicans Gather in Greenville

Curt Hendrix and Robert Rector welcomed everyone to the First and Second District Reverse Raffle to generate revenue for Republican candidates running for office. There was a great turnout and it was a great evening.

Republican Reverse Raffle Crowd
(The Toppin Family In Front And Ron Toppin Is In The Background)

This evening highlighted the conservative judicial candidates. The three judicial candidates are Judge Ann Marie Calabria , Judge Donna Stroud and Judge Kris Bailey .

Judge Ann Marie Calabria

Judge Donna Stroud

Judge Kris Bailey

Guests were also treated to an emotional speech from Fred Smith NC Senatorial candidate from Johnston County.

Fred spoke movingly about his son, who has just voluntrered for active duty in the military at 35 years old. Jule is in the U.S. Naval Reserve and because of the war he was inspired to give back to our nation. Fred had just flown down to Athens Georgia to see his son, and he shared with us both his pride, and his fears, that his son would do this during a time of war.

Senator Fred Smith Gives An Emotional Speech

Many families are facing this same dilema. No one is ambivalent about this. And no single emotion dominates when a family deals with this. Today our military is totally volunteer. That is what makes America such a great nation.

Though we had drafts in the past, our nation has never really depended on them. During World War II it was typical that draft notices were sent to young men only to find they were already in the service. The volunteer force of today is amazing in that this nation will stand or fail based on our ability to find the heroes who will defend us voluntarily.

We are so proud of Fred's son, Jule. Please pray for Jule, his wife Alisa, and their two daughters.

Jule and Alisa Smith With Family

God bless America.

If you would like to learn more about Fred Smith's programs and goals, you can visit his company web site, or his campaign web site. Both links are provided below.

Fred Smith Company

Senator Fred Smith Campaign Site